Regulation EU no. 167/2013. GMR technical advising services.

On January 1st, 2016 EU Regulation No. 167/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council concerning European Type Approval of agricultural and forestry vehicles entered into force. This regulation replaces the former Directive 2003/37EC under which certain types of tractors could be approved according to European Type Approval.

The main difference of the new regulation is that it allows, not only through type approval but also by the existence of delegated regulations which confer technical content to it, to obtain European approval of tractors, trailers and agricultural and/or forestry machinery. Before, only tractors could qualify for European type approval.

However, European approval is compulsory only for certain types of tractors permitting the manufacturers of the rest of the vehicles that the regulation is applicable to, to choose between European approval or to comply with national requirements. Whether the manufacturer chooses European or national type approval depends on the forecast of vehicles to be exported to other Member States as the European approval process is unique and valid in all countries of the European Union (EU). Taking into account the above considerations and with the objective of complete harmonization it is highly recommendable that a company with international vocation and development carries out their approvals according to European type approval procedure.

In GMR Homologaciones we are aware of how difficult it is for a manufacturer or an importer to be informed at all times about all the legislative changes that are being produced. For this reason, one of our main goals is to keep always our customers informed about technical and documentary requirements that need to be implemented due to regulatory changes. In this way, our client can adapt in advance and to the latest legislation not only his approval documentation but he can also plan his business strategy.

Proper advice is based on offering the best solutions from strategic, economic and documentary point of view. At GMR we offer our customers annual contracts of technical advising services that allow them to be continuously informed about all legislative developments, keep their approvals updated as well as to comply with the requirements of the Conformity of Production.

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GMR at IAA, SOMMET de l’ELEVAGE and the 3rd GASNAM Congress

One more year, GMR Homologaciones did not want to miss one of the most significant sectorial events in Europe and attended Commercial Vehicle Fair (IAA 2014) that was held from September 25th to October 2nd in Hanover, Germany. During our participation in fair, we consolidated our presence in some of the most important markets of Europe generating new contacts in a direct manner as well as visiting some of our regular customers.

Furthermore, in the month of October and with the same objective, GMR participated once again in Sommet de l'Elevage (Clermont-Ferrand, France) which is one of the main international salons specialized in livestock and agricultural machinery.

"Natural gas, our great opportunity" has been the central theme of the 3rd GASNAM Congress that took place on October 22nd in Madrid. As it is usual for this kind of events, GMR participated as well. We have been involved in several projects related to new technologies in the automotive industry and we are continuously present in the forums and discussions related to the growing importance that alternative energy sources have in the field of people and goods mobility.