Our services regarding partial regulatory acts (braking, steering, etc) include execution of tests that are performed before the tests that are carried out by the technical service. Our own technical means are used for performing tests for both towed and motor vehicles.

Our activity is characterized by the most advanced technology as well as a very high level of expertise.

Currently, GMR has at its disposal the following test and measurement equipment:

Time Response

It is used to measure the response time of the vehicles that are being tested.

Its main function is to calculate the time that passes from the moment the brake receives the corresponding signal and it starts to act.

Load Cell Reader

Device used to measure the strength that is used when carrying out the tests of steering and rear protection device.

Su funcionamiento se complementa mediante el uso del «volante dinamométrico» y la propia «célula de carga».

Dynamometric Steering Wheel

As a complement of the load cell reader, it is used to measure the strength that is exercised over the steering system of the vehicle.


As its name indicates, decelometer is used to measure the deceleration that the vehicle experiences during the braking test.

It is complemented by the brake pedal which serves as a measurement sensor.

Load Cell

The device is used to carry out compression and traction tests for any type of vehicle.

It can be used for both rear protection and maximum admissible mass test.

Sound Level Meter

Sound level meter is used to calculate the noise level that is generated by the vehicle when it undergoes any kind of test.


It is used as a component when measuring braking tests or fuel consumption.

Its main function is to provide support precision for those parts of the tests that require speed checking.


Currently, GMR owns other measuring and result analysis devices that are used on regular basis to perform great variety of tests.

GMR - Homologaciones also owns a fully equipped warehouse with a wide variety of technical equipment that enables us to provide our customers with quality and reliable service.